Coming soon! Lower blood pressure naturally with our Lifestyle Support Plan

Have you . . .

. . . tried ways to lower blood pressure naturally - without success?

. . . recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure and are trying to make some lifestyle changes to avoid going on drugs?

. . . been taking prescription drugs but feel that you should make an effort get off them?

If so, just a few minutes of your time could help us to finalise the development of the CHBP lifestyle support plan – it might also help you succeed?

The lifestyle support plan

Thanks for your interest. I want to tell you about the plan I am developing to help people lower their blood pressure as much as possible by lifestyle methods alone – I am quite excited about it.

I never get tired of saying I that I want to help people take control (you noticed right?) and I want to use the power of the internet to do this. While it is important to give people information, on its own it is not enough. There is a lot more that can be done – that is why over the last few months I have been developing what I call the Lifestyle Support Plan, which will be a step by step guide to making – and sustaining- the necessary changes to achieve a lower blood pressure naturally.

With my emphasis on how to lower blood pressure naturally, you may get the impression that I am against the use of drugs. Far from it – millions of people are on antihypertensive drugs and are successfully protecting themselves from the dangers of hypertension. However, many more people than currently do, could bring down their BP without drugs, or be on fewer of them, if only we – the health professionals had more time to offer help and support. The advantages of lifestyle control are, besides saving money, that you will improve many other aspects of your health. In the long run you have much more to gain than only a normal blood pressure.

So, this plan is not just for people who are not on drugs – it can help you reduce the number of drugs you are taking, or to reduce the dose that you are on, and some people might be able to stop taking them.

Before I finalise the course I will need some help in making some decisions. If you could take a few minutes to fill in a short questionnaire (14 short and easy questions) it would be immensely helpful.

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