Do high blood pressure cures really exist?

Is it a life sentence or can you cure high blood pressure?

Conventional wisdom used to be that there were no high blood pressure cures. Once you had hypertension, that was it - you had a chronic disease and would be on drugs for life and the drugs controlled the condition but did not cure. Experience has pretty much borne this out as people have tried a few lifestyle options, failed to make much impact on their blood pressure and eventually gained control only through the prescription pad.

Exaggerated claims, usually by people selling a variety of 'guaranteed' high blood pressure cures have not helped matters. When people try a particular product that does not produce the promised results, the resultant skepticism makes them less likely to persevere and this, perhaps, affects more effective products too. Such claims unfortunately also feed people's natural hope that it can be done with almost no effort.

I have adapted a well known saying; 'inside every fat person is a thin one trying to get out'. My version is 'inside every hypertensive person is a normotensive one waiting to be found out'. In other words it is possible to find that person, to become that person again and take control of your pressure once more.

Medical research has shown that, for many people especially those who are borderline or have just got into the grade 1 hypertensive category, lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, weight loss) can bring blood pressure back down to normal levels so that they are no longer candidates for a prescription. So in that sense, it is possible to cure high blood pressure. But! the research has also shown that the pressure will go back up if the changes are not sustained - if you relapse and become the other person again.

Who to believe

Unlike the pharmaceutical industry which is highly regulated, in most countries, the makers of supplements and other so-called natural remedies operate under less strict conditions. This is why you will see claims such as '100% guaranteed', 'lose 20 points in one week' etc. You will never see a drug company doing that - they are not allowed to. Some people blow up small benefits into world beating performance suggesting that they alone have found the elusive high blood pressure cure.

Certain natural remedies are well known to have an effect on blood pressure and many have been subjected to proper research. The two things they tend to have in common are 1) Nothing works in 100% of people. 2) Reductions are always modest - usually well under 10 'points' (that is mmHg remember?).

Here are a few tips for when you are looking around:

  • Always maintain a skeptical mindset - it makes you check things more thoroughly
  • Check to see if any research studies have been done and where the results were published
  • When studies are quoted, look at the detail. Often the publicity will use a figure that was only achieved in a tiny proportion of the subjects. (Warning sign - use of the phrase up to as in achieve up to 30 point reduction in your BP.)
  • Do not be swayed by testimonials - they are virtually worthless. They can't be checked. (I.e. Even if you managed to contact the person - there would be no proof.)
  • If it is a herbal remedy, check the ingredients. You may well find they are available in other formulations by other suppliers at a much more reasonable price
  • Steer clear of anybody who uses too many superlatives or makes exaggerated claims - remember if the product were that good you would have heard of it offline as well as on the web, and certainly elsewhere on the web.
  • Talking of elsewhere on the web - beware of related sites. It really is a tangled web out there and often the same company or person operates a number of sites that selling high blood pressure natural cures or other products, that support each other. You need independent sources.
  • Try to find out about the company, whether they make anything else, where they are based, whether they have a reputation.
  • Always back up your online research with offline sources. Telephone, trade directories, shops etc
  • Finally
  • Visit this site regularly. Afterall I am as interested in finding what works as you are!

So will I find a high blood pressure cure?

If you are thinking that somewhere there is one magic bullet for you, (preferably taken orally) then I am afraid the answer is "not likely". As I have said elsewhere -but it bears repeating - most people give up responsibility for controlling their own BP after trying not very hard! Successful control is not difficult, but it requires a logical approach and consistency. The changes you make must be permanent. It is better to make a few small permanent changes than to make a heroic effort but eventually give up. The fact that you have read this far is a good sign. Are you ready to make the changes? I hope so, and I will do my best to help you - the tools are on this site.

Want to help others?

Help others in their search for high blood pressure cures. Have you come across a 'remedy' that did what it said? Or perhaps a claim that you feel misled you? Either way, others will benefit from hearing your story - so do share your 'find'. As others do the same we will be able to build up a resource that will help others to find the good and avoid the bad.

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