High blood pressure meds - too many people not taking them as prescribed

People are just not taking their high blood pressure meds, a survey carried out by the Australian National Heart Foundation has confirmed. Reported in Pharmacy News of Australia, the survey involving 9,000 people is said to have determined that nearly half of respondents who were prescribed a hypertension drugs were not taking them.

Information about risk did not seem to make much difference, with a quarter of patients who had been told they were at a high risk of heart attack still not taking their tablets.


This finding, though not surprising is still worrying confirmation of the rule of thirds . This says that a third of hypertensive people are undiagnosed, but also that of those who are on treatment, a third are not controlled (the figures are approximate but make an important point). People will not be controlled, of course, if they are not taking their medication. One assumes that anyone who has got as far as being prescribed medication has been well informed about the risks of not taking them.

It would also be fair to make another couple of assumptions - first that a good number of people who are not taking their tablets have problems with side-effects and second that many of the people who do not like to take drugs would benefit from controlling their blood pressure by other methods.

This is why increasingly doctors, scientists, (and of course control-high-blood-pressure.com) advocate for a more determined and systematic approach to getting the most out of lifestyle changes. This will keep many people from having to take drugs. Those who still need them, will be able to take lower doses, fewer drugs or both, thus reducing the side effects and increasing the likelihood that they will take the high blood pressure meds as prescribed.

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This page was last modified on : April 18, 2011.