Bioenergetic treatment

by Hugo London

Dear Neil,

I felt I had to share this. I was intrigued by the idea but once I started reading the sales pitch about the Bioenergetic treatment device developed for the stabilizing high arterial blood pressure without any side effects, I stopped to take a large pinch of salt (not too good for the BP of course)!

Here is a verbatim quote: " Healing metal pins in combination with electronic transformer VIC are capable to pick up weak electric signals from ill cells of any part of human body. In contact with human body device transforms bioenergetic energy and enriches the ill cells of vessels with negative ions which are in deficit. Restoring the balance of charges in human body , device 'Onega' removes spasms from arteries , cholesterol deposits from vessels walls , restores the elasticity of vessels walls and cleans vessels from inside. All this leads to stabilizing of blood pressure "

I was not surprised then, when a link to showed a completely unrelated site which was so confusing I can't tell you whether it was about health, car insurance or tax-rebates. I didn't even see a mention of the negative ions!!

Has anybody else tried this?
Best wishes

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