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We respect the Health on the NET Code (HONCode)

This site has applied for accreditation by the Health on the Net Foundation. To obtain accreditation, sites must be guided by, and adhere to, the principles set out in the Health on the Net Code (HON Code) developed by the HON Foundation to encourage reliable and trustworthy health information on the internet.

Below we list the eight key aspects of the code and what they mean for how we operate control-high-blood-pressure.com (CHBP.com)

  1. Authority

    All medical and/or health information of a medical nature presented on this site has been written by the Site Editor

    unless indicated otherwise. When work from other authors is presented, it will be clearly indicated and the authors' credentials will also be made available.

    The information on this site comes from the following sources: common and accepted medical fact as would be known to a doctor working in this field. Standard Medical textbooks. Reputable authorities in the field via websites, medical journals and sources of similar reliability.

    Where information may still be controversial, under expert discussion or regularly subject to new research findings, we indicate as such and make every effort to present available evidence or point readers to further reliable sources of information.

    Although the contents of our site are regularly checked and updated to ensure the reliability and relevance of the information provided, CHBP.com does not guarantee complete accuracy of medical information provided and cannot be held responsible for any adverse effect that may arise from the use of the contents of the site.

  2. Complementarity


    The information on this site is intended to support and not to replace the existing relationship between you and your doctor. Before taking any action based on information on this site you should ensure your doctor is aware and agrees. In case of any conflict between information presented on this site and the information given by your physician you should follow the advice of your doctor.


    The mission of the site is to provide readers with health and medical information on the subject of high blood pressure and cardiovascular health which is known to be accurate and trustworthy, thus encouraging an active role of the patient in managing his or her condition in the relevant areas under his or her control and which supports the role of the healthcare professionals involved.


    This site provides information that may be of use for:

    • The general public including patients who require information on high blood pressure, the family and friends of patients and any person interested in knowing more about high blood pressure
    • Health professionals who may feel it is a useful resource for patients or for obtaining medical updates on this subject
    • Students including those in the field of healthcare.
    • Website editors and bloggers.
  3. Confidentiality

    We pledge always to respect the privacy and anonymity of our users, including survey participants. We use cookies to improve navigation on our site and give users a better and more efficient service.

    Any personal information voluntarily provided to us by our readers (names, email addresses or any other contact information, personal or medical data) will be kept in the strictest confidence. Where we collect your email address, we inform you why and ask your permission to send emails for that purpose and will do so only for that purpose.We do not share information with any third party and our system is designed to foil email harvesting by spammers.Only non-personal information about a visitor is gathered through the logs of our Web server.

  4. Attribution

    Where relevant, the information provided on our site is referenced and the origin stated. The date of last modification of all major pages are indicated at the foot of the page. Although the contents of this site is regularly checked and updated to ensure the reliability and relevance of the information provided, new information is generated repidly and we do not guarantee complete accuracy of medical information provided and cannot be held responsible for any adverse effect that may arise from the use of the contents of the site.

  5. Justification

    This site, by its nature will bring to the attention of its readers information on a variety of publicly available methods, tools, remedies etc. We will make every effort to seek out independent balanced evidence in support of any statements made about such products and will clearly state the basis of any claim made with regard to these products.

    This site contains links to selected external sites usually to provide further information on topics not covered by this site. While such information is believed to be of use and is deemed to be worth presenting to the reader, we have no control over the sites and cannot therefore guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information provided on these sites. CHBP.com will not link to any site that clearly fails to uphold a high standard of accuracy and reliability of health, medical and other information.

  6. Transparency

    The professionals managing CHBP.com can reached via the feedback page on the navigation bar.

  7. Financial disclosure

  8. Control High Blood Pressure.com is run on a commercial basis. It thus relies on financing provided by carrying advertisements. No endorsement of dynamic advertisements is implied or given (see below). Financial support is also provided by the professionals managing the site to support its mission.

  9. Advertising

    CHBP.com reserves the right to change its advertising policy at any time, at its discretion, by posting a revised policy to this website.

    CHBP.com is partly supported by advertising. All advertising is clearly indicated as such. Some pages on this site will contain dynamic/contextual adverts over which the administrators exert only limited control. CHBP.com can, limit the category of adverts that appear, but not individual adverts and we accepts no responsibility for the contents of these advertisements. The policies and conditions of the the advert providers are inspected to ensure compatibility with our guidelines can be achieved and maintained.

    Access our advertising policy here

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