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This is a page about Solo Build It!, the online package that I use to build and maintain this site. I was reluctant to put this page up – its not about high blood pressure is it!? But I have been so impressed by the product that I just have to say a few words about it. (Besides, who knows, It might help a few people take control of their lives, do a job that they love and bring down their BP as a result).

More than just a site-builder

Let me state at the beginning that Solo Build It! is not just a website building programme. Of course, it will enable a complete novice to put a site together but it is far more than that. It is a full suite of complementary online and offline products that teach how to research, decide upon, plan and implement a profitable online business. It holds your hand all the way.

If you prefer to listen, let the founder himself introduce SBI! . . .

Now, I am not running this site for the income, but it will need to make enough money to enable me to create and maintain a really useful and comprehensive site. I know from what have learned through SBI, from the forums and from what I have seen of it in action, that it will definitely bring in enough. I can also tell that from the traffic trends that I have seen so far - all just as SBI! predicted.

Surprisingly comprehensive - yet affordable

You can imagine that I have seen a lot of educational products, I have also done a lot of teaching and training and can recognize all the elements of a well planned, thorough educational approach. I was not only amazed by the quality and thoroughness of SBI, I just couldn’t understand how they did it so cheaply. I almost didn’t go for it having read what they promised – ‘it’s not possible’ I thought, but the money back guarantee gave me confidence and I dived in. I was hooked from the first minute and would have happily paid my money for all that I have learned from the background reading, even if I never got round to building the website.

So what does it do?

It all starts with a video guide (or a printed version if you prefer) that gives you an overview of the whole process.

You read, or watch, the whole thing so that you have a general idea of what building a web business is about. Then you get down to work, following the Action Guide step by step. Each step is clearly documented with lots of backup reading and videos to give extra flavor and a forum section where you can interact and learn from people who are doing that stage, or have done it, live.

All complicated or tedious stuff that can be automated is. Particularly clever is an incredibly sophisticated keyword research function. Even if you come with a predetermined idea of what you want to do, you are encouraged to keep an open mind, do the research and see if you can find a better idea - based on sound internet 'science'.

Step, by logical step, SBI keeps you from rushing ahead, helps you to refine your ideas and guides you through any slightly technical stuff there may be. You build a solid site plan. You look ahead at all the different options for generating income, you look at competition, you analyse yourself, your motivation, your objectives and your free time. You read about how to write for the online audience, how to write lively copy and how to make your personality shine through. There is advice on design and structure and there is advice on how to keep yourself motivated, what to if your enthusiasm dips or your optimism takes a knock. There is advice on EVERYTHING!

At different stages as you advance, SBI unlocks new modules (no new charges, no nasty surprises) that automate parts of the new stage you have reached. Meanwhile, you write and you write and you build pages with the automated site builder and start to slowly create your online presence, work on expanding it, and watch all the assurances come true one by one.

A focus on quality

The SBI offering is so rich and so deep and is based on the philosophy of ‘keeping it real’. It is also constantly uodated to account for any significant changes in web practice. You are encouraged to take it slowly – there are no shortcuts – to focus on quality content. SBI automates as much as possible, and because the net is a vast marketplace all you need to do is get yourself noticed – and that is what SBI does best, get you noticed.

I have enthusiastically promoted SBI to my friends and family because I have been so thoroughly impressed with the service and I decided to devote some space on my site to do so too – because I know if I had not come across SBI I would not have built my site.

My story might be less interesting than others who who have actually made a very good living using SBI. In the right column are links to some of the testimonials that persuaded me to take the plunge. Do investigate and see what you think.

And if you do decide to try it – do drop me a line to let me know how you are getting on – and maybe along the way I can even help you with something besides your blood pressure!


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This page was last modified on : May 16, 2011.

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And here's a quote from a happy mum:

"Finally, I'm now able to put aside a chunk of money every month for my children's future, and still have some left over to go for an annual vacation. With SBI!, dreams can and do come true. Thank you, Dr Ken!"
~ Sara Ding

By the way . . .

An interesting fact: SBI! was developed by Dr Ken Evoy - an MD! (So of course I trust him!) He established in 1997. He has written, amongst many other books, what could be considered the standard texts for web writing and design. They have helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Make Your Content PREsell! and Make Your Words Sell!, formerly ebooks sold by SiteSell, are now free.