Do you ever feel as if you are not in control?

Let me put that question another way - in the management of your high blood pressure - do you get to make ANY decisions?

If your answer is no then consider this:

The most important member of the team


So, welcome to a web site that is designed to make you an expert member of the team looking after your condition. I am Neil Johnson, I am a doctor, and many years ago I was diagnosed high blood pressure. (So I have years of experience on both sides of the BP monitor!)

Now, maybe you think, 'I don't want that responsibility ' or 'I don’t want a course in pharmacology'. Let me reassure you, you will be surprised how little you need to know and how easy it is to understand the essentials. I hope you will also have an interesting time exploring new ways to look after your health.

Poorly controlled blood pressure will damage your health and take years off your life. YOU CANNOT AFFORD NOT TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR CONDITION! .

The information on this site focuses on the knowledge that will help you make the best decisions. I will also give you some tips on how to evaluate information that you come across on, and off, the web.

There is also plenty of information about hypertension that is interesting but not essential and I hope it will make your education more entertaining. For those who like to challenge their grey cells, there are also some pages that dig a little deeper.

One third of patients on treatment do not succeed in having their blood pressure controlled. In my experience this is because the most important member of the team is not doing as much as s/he can. I had high blood pressure and I lowered it by making a few simple adjustments to my lifestyle - and maintaining them. I know if I can do it you can too. Helping you to do just that is my aim. As a doctor, I feel I have to do more than just give advice - I need to help people stick to it and to keep on sticking to it.


There are no magic bullets; there is no single treatment that is guaranteed work in everybody. You need to find out about what is likely to work for you, what is not, and identify measures that you can combine to help you keep your pressure where it should be.

It's part of my job to keep up with all the claims and the science, to understand them and to separate the wheat from the chaff. So relax and let me do the heavy sifting!

Please, go ahead and look around. I am adding pages daily and have quite a few topics on the go, so if you don't find what you are looking for, please, hit the Feedback button on the menu bar and let me know what your are interested in. Remember - I am here to help you take control.

You too can assist though. If you have had an experience -good or bad- with a product or something you have tried, please share by clicking here. It may help others.


Important note: After you, the most important person in the team is your physician. When it comes to making decisions about managing your high blood pressure, he or she must be in the know. Any changes to your treatment regime must be made in discussion with your physician. The information on this site is to help you become a valuable member of the team - not to go it alone!

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This page was last modified on : May 16, 2011.

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